Mary Lou: Charity Event Organizer, Laguna Niguel

Veronica is so amazing. Her passion for what she does to assist those in need of a healthy body is contagious. I'm so fortunate to have found this phenomenal professional to assist me in eliminating the pain in my shoulders --- when no one else could figure out what was causing the pain. She is so worth your time to try her out.

~ Trevor: Owner of Foster Wellness Group, Newport Beach

My neck was hurting, mainly caused by having a muscle imbalance in the body. Since increasing my bag work I have noticed, especially on my right side, that I was over working it a bit, which caused it to tighten up. Decided to get a massage to remedy the issue. Having been referred to a lot of massage therapists over the years, I'm always skeptical about trying new massage therapists out, but I can tell you that no one comes close to the level of experience, knowledge and skill as Veronica - she is on another level when it comes to sports massages! I am generally very selective when it comes to referring my clients and friends to anyone for services and without reservation, I recommend V to anyone that is looking for a skilled and effective sports massage. She's hands down the best around!

~ Stephanie: Fitness Instructor, Costa Mesa

I highly recommend V'z Athletics for anyone who is looking for sports massage, treatment for muscle tension, or relaxation. Veronica is highly professional and highly skilled in multiple formats of massage therapy. Every time I leave, I feel relaxed and refreshed both physically and mentally. If my schedule would allow it, I would book one or more appointments every week.

~ Paul: Fitness Instructor, Garden Grove

Absolutely one of the best sports massage therapists in the OC! I've been going to V for the past year and she has helped me recover from my workouts and class trainings. If you're an athlete and need to perform at a top level, go see her! She will help speed up the recovery process.

~ Mike: Owner of Dynamic Edge Training, Irvine

One of the best in the industry. V knows the human body extremely well and will take amazing care of you hands down!

~ Dr. Jacques: Chiropractor, Huntington Beach

V is a well skilled and knowledgeable deep tissue therapist, most importantly she has great hands and strength to give athletes what they are looking for, when it come to chronic myofascial trigger points and adhesions. Veronica is both pleasant and soothing during our sessions. Clearly, V is in tremendous shape and walks the talk. I like to surround myself with positive like-minded ultra fit individuals. I always feel great and stress free after our sessions, I highly recommend Ms V. for your muscle therapy needs.

~ Erica: Jujitsu Competitor, Huntington Beach

Veronica is the best for massages and bodywork! It was easy to schedule an appointment with her even with my limited availability. I train jujitsu, muay thai and wrestling, so my body constantly has a lot of aches and pains. After my last tournament, my back was in bad shape, but after I saw her, I had instant relief and flexibility. V has helped me regain mobility and strength every time I have seen her. I highly recommend V, if you train in any sport or are involved in regular physical activity, or if you just need a relaxing massage. She has great knowledge in muscle recovery and overall health. Plus, she genuinely cares about her clients and spreads positivity.

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